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We provide our customers with three junk removal options:

We Fill

Dumparoo Pros does all the heavy lifting on your behalf. We arrive to remove, load, and haul away your junk.

You Fill

We deliver and park our dump trailer at your location. You fill and then we pickup and haul away your junk.

Single Item Pickup

Take advantage of our a single item pickup service in the Greater Lansing area. We make it convenient for customers by offering both curbside and in-home pickup of their single item such as an appliance or piece of furniture.

Service Requirements:

A 50% deposit may be required to secure your reservation. The remaining balance must be paid immediately after completion of service.

Please ensure your driveway or other access point to your bulk junk item(s) is clear prior to Dumparoo's arrival.

There are no refunds for early return or pick up of trailers.

Do not overfill trailer pass fill line. Customer will be required to remove items until fill line standard is met.

We Fill Option: Last minute items not included in the original price will be assessed additional fees.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: DO NOT place food, hazardous waste, food, gasoline or other explosive chemicals, wet paint, herbicides, pesticides, dead animals, hot ashes or coals, stones, or bricks into the trailer.

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